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Popular-Keyword:Apartment Building

Price 1-3properties:Out of 3 properties

Apartment Building at Shinagawa-ku

Facing the famous cherry blossom viewing spot
``Kamurozaka Dori''
Location with good visibility


Fudomae On foot 2mins

Exclusive floor size 422.83㎡
Structure type Steel frame reinforced concrete
Profits 5.74%
Floor / Number of floors 8-story, 25 rooms
Completion Date 03/1974
Parking No

Apartment Building at Mitaka City

Area with hospitals, major companies


Mitaka On foot 25mins

Exclusive floor size 741.85㎡
Structure type Reinforced concrete
Profits 5.89%
Completion Date 06/1990
Parking No

Apartment Building at Ota-ku

A quiet residential area
New earthquake resistance regulation


Ishikawadai On foot 8mins

Exclusive floor size 260.22㎡
Structure type Steel
Profits 5.07%
Floor / Number of floors 3-story, 12 rooms
Completion Date 03/1990
Parking No