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Popular-Area:Chiyoda-ku / Bancho, Kudan

Price 1-4properties:Out of 4 properties

Palathion Iidabashi

Owner change
Chiyoda-ku address,
3 minutes walk from Iidabashi station!


Iidabashi On foot 3mins

Kudanshita On foot 7mins

Exclusive floor size 29.48㎡
Structure type Steel frame reinforced concrete
Profits 4.2%
Floor / Number of floors 6/10
Completion Date 05/1985
Parking No

Abo Nikko Royal Palace Nibancho

Nibancho address, one minute walking to
Kojimachi station


Kojimachi On foot 1mins

Hanzomon On foot 8mins

Yotsuya On foot 8mins

Exclusive floor size 54.32㎡
Structure type Reinforced concrete
Floor / Number of floors 3/5
Completion Date 01/1980
Parking No

Grand Maison Ichibanchou

Ichibancho Address

JPY64,900,000 1 LDK

Hanzomon On foot 1mins

Kojimachi On foot 8mins

Ichigaya On foot 10mins

Exclusive floor size 44.93㎡
Structure type Steel frame reinforced concrete
Completion Date 03/1984

The City Kudanshita

New construction, glass curtain wall
Highly valuable and attractive
Newly built commercial building with strong presence


Iidabashi On foot 4mins

Structure type Steel
Profits 3.30%
Floor / Number of floors 11 floors
Completion Date 01/2024
Parking No