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Living environment with lush greenery,
close to parks and sports centers
Enjoy gardening with a private garden
facing south.

Sorche Suginami Imagawa is a 3-story low-rise condominium located a 10-minute walk from Kamiigusa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.
It is located in a Class 1 low-rise residential area, so it is a quiet and good living environment.
There are many educational facilities in the surrounding area, making it a great environment for families with school-age children.
There are supermarkets and convenience stores within a 5-minute walk, so you won't have to worry about everyday shopping.
Sorche Suginami Imagawa was completed in February 2002, and most of its residential units face south.
All units have porches and are designed to enhance privacy.
There are also units on the first floor with private gardens where you can enjoy gardening.
The condominium has a spacious living space with an exclusive area of ​​70.22 m2 to 86.93 m2 at the time of sale.
nearest station
LocationAreaCompletion Date

Kami Igusa On foot 10mins

3-30-7 Imagawa Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Exclusive floor size/70.22㎡




Property photos, Floor plan

Property Description

1. Overview

Property Name

Sorche Suginami Imagawa

Classification Unit ownership
Tax-included priceJPY55,800,000
Floor plan details2SLDK+Balcony+Garden
Exclusive floor size70.22㎡
Location3-30-7 Imagawa Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Transportation/nearest station

Kami Igusa On foot 10mins

Parking Available

2. Income

3. Land

Land rights Ownership

4. Building

Type Condominium building
Structure typeReinforced concrete
Completion Date01/2000

5. City planning

Town planning Urbanization zone
Use district Category Ⅰ exclusive low building residential area

6. Other

Monthly Management FeeJPY16,600
Monthly Repair Reserve FundJPY14,330
Current status Vacant
Transfer period Immediately
Transaction terms Intermediary
RemarksSmall Garden 9.42m2

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